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Important Reveller Information

Team J4F 2018 ……….THE CODEX OF LIFE To the most fervent and FUN revelers of Carnival! It is that time again. Time to lock in your costume for the Carnival celebration in July, as Fete after Fete once again we will be jamming still, as we OWN the road. JUST4FUN Carnival Band would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your profound support at the unveiling of our 2018 costumes at Pigeon Island National Park. The feedback received thus far has been nothing short of amazing. While our final costume product has clearly developed, our team truly remains committed to ensuring that the prices to play mas remains affordable and in keeping with the level of experience and service we provide not only on Carnival Monday and Tuesday but also at our exquisite parties. Now for the FUN! What are the details? Payment Options: In order to successfully register and complete your costume booking with JUST4FUN you will be required in the first instance to issue to us a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT as follows: 1) Deposits – Minimum Payment (Same as last year) a. $300 regular section b. $500 Ultra Front Line Sections c. $500 EMINENCE (Premium Drinks) Inclusive section d. Indulgence - Contact Roston Taylor , Krystal Williams or email us at 2) Early Reveler Pricing Details a. STARTS WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 07TH ,2018 b. Full Payment due by April 30th ,2018 c. Deposit must be made by 07th March to be qualified for the early reveler discount d. If full costume payment is not made by April 30th, 2018 the early reveler discount will not apply. Reveler will have to meet the standard cost of the costume. 3) J4F Revelers Only Period (This includes ONLY revelers from 2017) a. Open on Thursday February 07th to February 14th i. CASTRIES – S.A.J COMPUTERS, # 16 BROGLIE STREET (11:00 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M.) b. All other revelers registration opens Thursday 15th February 4) Registration for Anarchy a) Reveler must be within the age range of 16 years to 21 years b) If a reveler is under the age of 18 years a consent form must be filled by Parent/Guardian. c) A non-alcoholic arm band will be issued to revelers under the age of 18 years. Kindly note that this registration policy applies to the entire band as it relates to the issuing of a non-alcoholic arm band to revelers under 18 years. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR REGISTRATION WITH JUST4FUN WILL ONLY BE COMPLETED AND VALID WHEN THE DEPOSIT IS ISSUED TO JUST4FUN BY THE DUE DATE. DISCLAIMER – Costumes remain the property of JUST4FUN until paid for in full and collected. Zero Refund/Return Policy in Effect PLEASE NOTE that carnival costumes are custom-made items therefore, once a down payment is made it is non-refundable. Additionally, there will be: • NO exchange or switching of sections • NO changing of measurements or sizes • NO Costume Transfers • NO Returns accepted NB: All REVERLERS PLEASE KINDLY NOTE THAT JUST4FUN CARNIVAL BAND REQUESTS THAT YOU HAVE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AT HAND WHEN REGISTERING, IN AN EFFORT TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS EFFICIENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY. FEMALES 1. All bra sizes must be in accordance with the US standard bra size chart. 2. This year, there will be a change in panty measurements. All panty sizing for regular panties and boy shorts will be entered based on our standard size chart. Please see below: PANTY & BOY SHORTS SIZES HIP (Inches) SIZE 30 – 33 XS * 34 – 36 S * 37 – 39 M * 40 – 43 L * 44 – 46 XL * 47 – 50 XXL * 51 - 56 XXXL * 57 – 60 XXXXL * 3. Each female Reveler must provide their waist and hip measurements when ordering the following swimsuit options: high waist panty, spider panty, monokini and whole suit. MALE PANTS DISCLAIMER: PLEASE NOTE THAT MALES SHORTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE BAND. THIS INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO STYLE/DESIGN, FABRIC AND COLOR. EMINENCE (PREMIUM DRINKS) INCLUSIVE SECTION The offer will be based on the following: BAR - Double Black, Black and White , Johnnie Walker Black, Ciroc Vodka , Amaretto , Grey Goose, Patron XO Café , Dewar’s, Dewar’s 12yr old, Barefoot WNE , Hennessey , Campari , Heineken, Piton Beer, Guinness, Piton Shandy, Strongbow, Climax, Piton Malta, Bounty Rum, Chairman’s, Blue Waters , Coconut rum - Marigot Bay, Coconut Water & MORE - Designated drinks truck for the section - New 40ft Drinks Truck - Accelerated Access for Costume Pick Up - Free entry in Jab Jab Jouvert Fete - Access to J4F Food and Drinks trucks - Plus all the benefits of the regular J4F sections o Mobile Meals on Wheels o Cocktail bar o Cool zone o Water Truck o Mobile Washrooms o J4F reveler mugs o Unlimited access to our other two (2) 40ft. J4F drinks trucks – Never Close Bar Policy remains o Access to the biggest party on the road – No Sections Rule (exceptions being Indulgence Section and when crossing the stage) This is Carnival and we are one big family. We are sure that there will be other questions and invite you to either post them on our Facebook page or drop us an email at Do enjoy the prices attached. LET’S GO GUYS JUST4FUN “WHAT CARNIVAL SHOULD BE” JUST JUMP

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